Operating in the emerald market since 1987, Cesar Stones Brazil is located in the emerald region of Campo Formoso and Carnaíba in Bahia.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are specialized in any type of Brazilian emerald, being faceted, rough or collections pieces.


Lucas Gomes


President of the company, he started his career at a very young age, brought in by his father, and today he is a specialist who accumulates a curriculum filled with expertise.

His activity is centered on the highly specialized selection of the rough for the cut.

Caio Cesar - CTO.JPG

Caio César


Currently occupying position number 2, Caio started at the age of 16 to work with emeralds in the company together with his father (Lucas).

Today, he is primarily responsible for the sales and customer/public relationship sector.

In addition, our team is comprised of miners, gemologists, lapidaries and sales marketing. We use expertise to increase our brand knowledge with a high level of quality and service.